download (22 09 08)

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- Add version numbering underneath 9 9 0 5 1 2, using hack build date
- Adjust car position/boundaries so more room on the left hand side for player 1
- White next stage text showing between rounds when selecting opponent, move offscreen, make red bar solid
- Fill in fullscreen super art KO graphics / remove KO Super Arts black borders
- Extend graphics on "Round" & "Fight" to fill display width
- Extend the 6x coloured gradient backgrounds to remove black borders (character select/win quotes/attract mode etc)
- Fix attract mode high score (2 seperate tables) shows wrong graphics and scrolls only partially rather than full screen
- Character select/vs screen: p1 character portrait, send behind background graphic and extend background graphic and being forward over portrait on bottom left of screen
- Single player endings, some could do with a little cleanup, Ryus in particular (garbage graphics in the borders) plus Necro & Dudley
- Remove player letter grades
- Set Q's stage as Gill's

- Adjusted eeprom to set widscreen ON by default
- Region set to non-JP for EN language super art selection
- Fixed HUD tiles static & dynamic- position & updating, increased HP bar width
- Adjusted stage edge boundaries
- Adjusted stage objects to avoid pop in/out
- Adjusted car bonus stage scoring display position
- Fixed Gill stage intro boundary for single player game
- Fix Makoto/Ken crash bug
- Remove white flash at start of round
- Attract mode text at the bottom "CAPCOM CO LTD 1999 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED" has some garbage tiles (removed text)
- Remove score from player 1 & player 2 side
- Urien "Time Over" lose stance always shows uncensored Japanese version
- Fix super meter drawing with install supers - Yang TIME for example, doesn't disappear cleanly after finished
- Center text that shows above HP bars such as "PRESS 2P START" (both p1 and p2)
- Title screen: make "PRESS 1 OR 2 START BUTTON" not overlap the Fight for the Future logo
- Make insert coin / join in blink less frequently / show blank more often
- Makoto SA2 wallgrab adjustment, Twelve wallbounce

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